The Ascenders Game Opens NFT Mint for Home Bases

Ascenders has a player-driven economy with GameFi features like DEX trading and lending.
  • Ascenders minted a scarce collection of digital land, offering advantage in the game’s economy.
  • Ascenders offers dynamic game with open exploration and tournaments, built on Avalanche.
  • Special events and seasons will add to the potential in-game earnings.

Ascenders is expanding the list of Avalanche games, offering a fantasy RPG with a fully decentralized, player-driven economy. Ascenders aims to offer an AAA-grade 3D experience and a fun progress arc, while also bringing immediate Web3 features.

Recently, Ascenders completed three rounds of Land and Building mints through Metadrop, creating a limited supply of land plots. The mint is part of the popularization efforts of Ascenders, and showed early interest in the game.

All participants that managed to mint one of the Land NFT will also participate in the $ASIM token airdrop, if they hold onto their items. 

Ascenders Offers Seasonal Events, Tokenized Quests

Ascenders is a rich 3D world with competitive features, already opening regular competitive seasons and leaderboards. At some points in its activity, Ascenders has turned into a top 20 Avalanche apps, joining popular games like Crabada and Snake City. 

Ascenders offers map exploration with fast-tracked missions to find resources. The other aspect is the free for all open world, with many opportunities for enterprise and exchanging assets. 

Even with the latest land sale, the Ascenders economy is player-driven. This means all NFT in the game are a result of player activity, and there is no artificial oversupply. Ascenders thus has aspects of some of the farming games allowing organic growth, instead of minting multiple items. 

Players can access DEX facilities from within the game, or access GameFi features like lending. Ascenders carries two main tokens, GG, which is inflationary, and the AGC governance token. Additionally, guilds can form in the game and produce their own tokens. 

The game also has built-in scarcity, where players must have the resources to craft their weapons and armor. If they lack the resources, they can be bought, loaned or taken from the guild’s stores. Additionally, players can earn GG by completing missions and grind toward some of the resources and items. GG is also available through tournaments or special events.

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