Ava Labs Launches Core, All-In-One Web3 Acess Point

Core will offer multiple accounts with one seed phrase.
  • Buy crypto assets with debit card and swap tokens and NFT in the Core app.
  • Easy access to Web3 is the chief goal of Ava Labs.

Ava Labs, the development studio behind the Avalanche blockchain, has created Core, a simple and accessible system targeted at building and using Web3 projects. Core, built as a browser extension, allows users an open usage of all Avalanche structures to build and deploy smart contracts and apps.


Core simplifies tasks that are time-consuming and detailed, such as setting up MetaMask to the Avalanche C-Chain. Since the Avalanche ecosystem has grown, there is a need for easier access to decentralized apps, as well as a way to visualize NFT and reach games and marketplaces.

Core will also visualize subnets on Avalanche more easily. Token addition, once a manual process with other browser extensions, will be automated for all Avalanche apps and protocols.

Core Completes New User Onboarding Process

Core will include all the steps of using Avalanche, from buying the first digital assets for cash to accessing NFT collections and games. The in-app buy function is powered by MoonPay and allows users to buy AVAX for gas fees. The Core app also offers limited swaps and access to decentralized exchanges.

Core will also be able to generate multiple addresses and accounts, protected by a single pass phrase similar to a wallet. Core also offers an address book for trusted counterparties.

Currently, Swimmer Network and DFK are displayed in Core, with more subnets coming. Swimmer Network is now key to running the Crabada idle or battle game, as well as for Crab NFT and TUS and CRA tokens.

Access to the full Core services may also depend on third-party payment providers and their specific KYC requirements. The goal of Avalanche is to make Web3 creation easier to access for both builders and users. 

Avalanche C-Chain has a growing Web3 infrastructure, replacing the previous boom in DeFi. Investment is also showing signs of shifting to Web3 projects, requiring more user-friendly access to onboard users. Games like TimeShuffle also aim to use similar systems where the complexity of crypto wallets is removed as much as possible.

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