Avalanche: Subnet Summer for Top Games in the AVAX Ecosystem

Subnets are growing as Avalanche becomes one of the fastest and most important hubs for P2E and Web3 games.
  • Avalanche Core to give more data on subnets.
  • Games test and deploy subnets more actively in the past two quarters.
  • Crabada to launch partner game test on Swimmer Network.

Subnets are becoming an important part of growth for the Avalanche ecosystem. In the past months, games that accrued enough players had the chance to build subnets. Ava Labs itself consults games for the best approach to deploying a subnet. 

One of the barriers to entry is the number of players. Crabada reached the milestone of around 20K players per day, when it decided to build Swimmer Network. Crabada was also a successful case study in migrating both tradable tokens and all NFT items.

The other barrier is a deposit of AVAX to secure new subnets, roughly valued at $50,000. Subnets also appear when a game starts to consume too much AVAX for gas. 

Recently, Avalanche released more detailed statistics on subnets in its dedicated wallet and game browser.


Subnets could also be used to test more than one game. After the launch of the technology, more than 23 subnets were created, with the potential for more growth.

AVAX Turns into Gaming Token

AVAX currently trades at $21.92, establishing this price range as its usual level in the past few weeks. Avalanche carries several decentralized exchanges, but P2E games were the source of growth in the past few months. 

New active games on Avalanche include Snail Trail Game, Pizza Game, Gunfire AVAX, as well as Crabada as the seventh busiest game on the network. New games can test out C-Chain as their main venue before deciding on building their own subnet. Games like Castle Crush also arrived on Avalanche after building up a large player base as a freemium title.

Ava Labs is working toward the full integration of its Core Wallet, with added information on subnets, their tokens and NFT items. 

Clashub Arrives on July 25

Crabada will also host one of the first partner games to its subnet. Clashub will test its battle game on Swimmer Network. 


The premise of the game is to organize battles between characters from various NFT collections. The first to test the game and receive early rewards were early adopters from the Crabada community.

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