Avalanche Subnets: Which Games Take Up the Avalanche Network

Crabada, Rise of the Warbots and DeFi Kingdoms grew the Avalanche subnet ecosystem.

Avalanche protocol allows for the creation of an ever-growing list of subnets. Those subnets work like separate blockchains, though with extra ease of bridging to C-Chain. After the launch of Core, all subnets and their tokens can be visualized in one browser extension app. 

Subnets have been used for testing, but to also host live games. Play2Moon tracks the top subnets currently active on Avalanche. 

Swimmer Network and Crabada

Launched in May 2022, Swimmer Network is specifically dedicated to Crabada, its NFT crabs and TUS and CRA tokens. Swimmer Network built up nearly 25K addresses in the first six weeks of its launch. The migration also showed that a live game and its resources could move to a new blockchain relatively fast and with few problems for the whole NFT collection.


Swimmer Network was also built with the goal of using TUS as a native token for paying gas fees. NFT can only be bridged in one direction, with Swimmer Network successfully taking over all mechanics, including breeding, food, battles, as well as resales on the Kalao marketplace.

DFK Chain Testnet and DeFi Kingdoms

DFK Chain aims to bridge over DeFi Kingdoms from Harmony Protocol to Avalanche. DeFi Kingdoms is the leading distributed app on Harmony, working as a gamified DeFi and liquidity pool project. 

The DFK Chain may turn into a main network to tap the Harmony users. DeFi Kingdoms also utilizes NFT, with the technology for migration almost completed. 


DFK Chain has also been added to Core for easier visualization. The network is in the test stage and tokens are still not tradable.

Rise of the Warbots

Rise of the Warbots is an NFT game based on a collection of playable avatars. The subnet was created just a few weeks ago, signaling the relatively fast adoption of the subnet technology. 


Rise of the Warbots is a complete 3D game built using Unreal Engine 5. The MMAC and NMAC assets will be used through the subnet, with MMAC capped at only 1,000 tokens. NMAC will be the token used for fees and in-game activity. 

Rise of the Warbots also expanded its validator base. The game is one of the fist to start out with a complete economy plan on an Avalanche subnet, showcasing the potential to add more P2E games relatively fast, while remaining compatible with the larger Avalanche ecosystem. Avalanche lists five working subnets, with some reserved for testing out new projects.

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