Avalanche (AVAX) Rises After Addition to Robinhood, Binance Card

Avalanche (AVAX) is getting exposure after being added as a payment tool on Robinhood and Binance Card for the Euro area.
  • Avalanche set a recent record of activity on news of being added as a highly liquid asset.
  • AVAX rallies above $30 with hopes of returning to the top 10 of tokens.
  • Crabada, former C-Chain game, regains player count on Swimmer Network.

Avalanche (AVAX) is becoming one of the more liquid P2E tokens, after being added to a Binance crypto-backed card. This move can make it even easier for players in the Avalanche ecosystem to buy and sell tokens. 

Starting this August 8, Binance Card will support AVAX, along with XRP and Shiba Inu (SHIB). 

Binance Card is for now restricted to the European Economic Area, as the exchange’s activities have been limited in the USA and may not match regulations in other regions. The addition of AVAX marks one of the first expansions with a token linked to the Web3 ecosystem, besides Binance’s own BNB and BUSD. 

Following the example of Binance, AVAX was also added to the Robinhood app, expanding its mainstream outreach. 

AVAX has retained some value in its DeFi vaults, by hosting the Aave project. But in the past months, the platform focused more on gaming and on offering tailored tokenization and NFT trading solutions to already established gaming studios. 

AVAX Rallies Above $30

AVAX was one of the most active gainers on the crypto market in the past week. AVAX added another 11% to its price, rising to $30.13. 

The token is making a bid to return as a top 10 crypto asset. AVAX is also predicted to rally even higher and revisit previous levels from before one of the year’s deep crashes in June. 

AVAX also saw peak on-chain activity, partially driven by play-to-earn games on Avalanche C-Chain. Avalanche also grows its list of subnets, expecting to onboard as many as 50 projects in the coming months.

Crabada Game Rebuilds User Count

Crabada is one of the games with the most successful subnet deployment. With more than 26K wallets created, Crabada is now rebuilding its user base. 


Crabada is an example of successfully migrating its TUS and CRA tokens and its NFT collection. Before the migration, Crabada was among the leading games on Avalanche and a top gas burner.

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