Avalanche Brings Complete Web2 Compatibility Through Chainlink Functions

Avalanche offers the new Functions tool, still in the testnet stage.
  • ChainLink Functions is active on a new Avalanche testnet.
  • Builders will be able to link existing Web2 events into Web3 ownership, tokens, NFT and smart contract actions.
  • Avalanche is adding another Web3 building tool to its HyperSDK package for developers.

Avalanche is expanding its potential to onboard Web2 apps, while taking into account their exact demands for Web3 features. Avalanche is using Chainlink Functions, a toolset especially created for onboarding Web2 users into Web3. Chainlink Functions launched in Q1 as a tool for expanding oracle services for smart contracts.


Avalanche is one of the networks offering both speed and scalability, onboarding apps through C-Chain, or allowing advanced projects to build and run their own subnets.

In its early adoption stage, Chainlink Functions is open on the Avalanche Fiji testnet. Web3 developers can use the Functions serverless platform to connect to any Web2 API.

Connecting to Web2 API means blockchain projects can now adapt to existing content and trends. The connectivity allows developers to use Web2 events for their smart contracts. 

Through Chainlink, smart contracts can be fed data from social media, AI outputs, messages or content. Now, apps can be created that combine Web2 content and Web3 ownership, with immediate change of status. This expands the usage of oracles from just pricing information to a wider data selection.

The ready-made code on Avalanche will allow builders to connect to any device or platform, and retrieve any data to link to NFT, tokens or other smart contract actions. Web3 itself has tried to copy the capabilities of Web2, but the problem is that most apps have a loyal audience that rarely wants to choose another platform. 

Chainlink Functions offers to bring new use cases to Web3, by tapping the already peak activity of social media and content hubs, online games and apps. Chainlink Functions on Avalanche is one of the first applications of the new type of oracle with no limitation to the data used. 

Avalanche is already offering wider access to Web3 features through its Core wallet. The Core app allows end users to track and use all Avalanche tokens and NFT, while switching between C-Chain and subnets. Avalanche itself offers its HyperSDK toolkit to launch apps, while offering infinite scalability and real-time transaction speed.

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