Avalanche Arcad3 Launches Streamlined Tool for Web2 to Web3 Onboarding

Avalanche Arcad3 is the new streamlined service tapping the technology of Avalanche and the experts of AvaLabs.
  • Avalanche Arcad3 offers both technical support and marketing opportunities for Web2 gaming companies.
  • Gree Group will be the first Japanese gaming and content team to test the Arcad3 program.
  • Avalanche has created more than 10 game-specific subnets for scalability and low-cost transactions.

Avalanche remains the blockchain with the broadest infrastructure to launch apps and games. AvaLabs continues to help projects get on board with Web3, with tools for both business projects and developer teams that can launch their own code and subnets. 

Now, Arcad3 becomes the latest tool for moving Web2 projects into Web3 seamlessly. Adding ownership without extra steps for the end user is one of the positive approaches to Web3 expansion without skepticism about NFT. 


Arcad3 is specifically aiming at already functioning gaming companies and will serve as the dashboard to access Avalanche’s potential. Arcar3 users will have access to the full features of Avalanche’s task-specific and general chains. 

Arcad3 will also connect to the AvaLabs curation and advisor team. Additionally, new entrants will establish partnerships with the already high-profile Web3 gaming ecosystem, with guilds and other organizations to popularize and market the game. 

Arcad3 Onboards Japanese Gaming Giants

The Avalanche Arcad3 program will start its onboarding process with two real-life cases, onboarding Japanese gaming giants Gree and Gumi. The two Japanese game studios will reach out to Web3 organizations, hoping to add Web3 features as the future of gaming. 

The first game to use Arcad3 will be Project Incursion by Gree Group. Gree brings more than 20 years in game development experience, similar to other projects that have picked Avalanche. Other successful games that added Web3 features include Castle Crush, as well as gaming startup TimeShuffle, also with an experienced gaming team. 

Arcad3 will offer full technical support, but with a special focus on Web3 marketing, including on-chain referrals, bonus programs, airdrops, and e-sports tournaments. Arcad3 will also offer regulated, transparent in-game trading for NFT items.

Arcad3 aims to move gaming projects beyond the classical play-to-earn with grinding and direct rewards, and instead foster innovative on-chain gaming approaches. Sustainable methods include sponsored prize pools and in-game advertising, fees from in-game services, as well as earnings from content and moderation. Other tools include in-game affiliate marketing with influencers, as well as game passes and prizes for content creation.

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