Avalanche Offers Detailed Blockchain Builder Services for Web3 Projects

Ava Cloud brings blockchain generation tools to Web2 projects that want to onboard to Web3.
  • Ava Cloud is a new addition to the set of tools for Web3 builders, offered by Ava Labs.
  • The fast blockchain service targets Web2 businesses that do not want the risks of a public blockchain.
  • Ava Cloud offers compatible networks, with automated validators and data services.

Avalanche offers a multi-sided toolset for Web3 builders. Some of the projects often use C-Chain to test out their products. Others build subnets to host their games or apps. 

Avalanche also offers a tool to create new blockchains for projects that want more independence and a specific technological solution. In more recent Web3 projects, blockchains tend to be seamless and compatible, running in the background. Despite this, some projects may want their own type of blockchain with the potential to sell nodes or other forms of participation. 

Ava Labс offers an alternative, with its Automated Blockchain Builder by AvaCloud. The service is tailored to projects that need a business-grade blockchain with custom features. The Ava Cloud solution does not require code experience, and is an expert-led process. 


The goal is to allow enterprises to build their blockchain faster and deploy their product. In-house blockchain development has taken much longer in the past, adding to the cost of projects. Ava Cloud is yet another source of products to speed up the process. 

Ava Cloud Offers Business-Grade Web3 Solutions

Ava Cloud targets Web2 projects that have not built an in-house blockchain team, but want reliable, customized blockchain features.


The Ava Cloud service arrived relatively late, and has offered its features since April 2023. The new service takes some of the problem points of blockchains, such as validators, and makes all processes easier. For instance, Ava Cloud offers centralized, known validators, for businesses that do not want to attract external entities to support the network. 

Ava Cloud is solving the issue of public blockchains, which are not always suitable for a business solution. Public blockchains are used by multiple projects, and may have times of overload or relatively high fees.

Ava Cloud also offers a dashboar-based, no-code blockchain builder, which is able to create fully managed blockchains. All the blockchains created are cross-compatible with the entire Avalanche network, possibly adding another level of security. Ava Cloud also offers analytics services to track performance and decrease risks.

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