Gunfire AVAX Rose to the Top for Avalanche Games

P2E games are flocking to Avalanche for its low fees and highly active NFT market potential.
  • Season 5 starts with 60 AVAX prize pool.
  • Gunfire AVAX rose to the top of trending games, while also ranking higher by player count.
  • AVAX broke out again above $20 on overall market recovery.

The Avalanche blockchain keep attracting new P2E games, of which Gunfire AVAX is starting to look like an instant success. The game launched its recent iOS version, while also climbing the ranks in terms of daily player activity and social media presence.

Gunfire AVAX even displaced Thetan Arena to become a top trending game on July 7. 

Gunfire AVAX is also among the top 30 games on the Avalanche blockchain, though briefly touching top 3 in terms of daily and weekly users. The game managed to climb to the top now that Crabada is not counted toward Avalance C-Chain games.

For now, Gunfire AVAX marks a few hundred players per day, still behind Crabada, which reached above 10K players with ease. The newer game is just building up its presence and sending out NFT items as the main form of on-chain ownership at this stage. Gunfire AVAX has around 23.5K followers on Twitter, lining up with still emerging P2E games.

Following Gunfire AVAX also offers access to partnerships and potential exclusive NFT drops.

Gunfire AVAX Opens Season 5

Gunfire AVAX relies on a mix of season-based and tournament play. Top gunners gain access to a pool of AVAX, as the game’s native token is still untraded.

The game is available for free access, airdropping two Ticket NFT to all new accounts, competing for a pool of 60 AVAX in each tournament. The game also tweaked its item fusion mechanics, with a higher chance to produce more advanced items. Within the game, AVAX rewards are paid out to top players after the end of the season, and the game is yet to build running leaderboards.

Gunfire AVAX has already tapped the potential of C-Chain to build a native marketplace for its playable items. The marketplace is offering both playable characters and weapons, with the most common types ranging around 0.5 – 3 AVAX. 

Currently, AVAX trades at $20.31 and offers liquidity to the game in the form of rewards and NFT trades.

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