Axie Classic to End in June: What’s Coming Next

Axie Infinity NFT will still work in Origin with a new design. Guilds already seek new players for Origin tournaments.

Axie Infinity: Classic will run for a few more days, until its final Season 21 ends on June 24. Axie Origin Season 21 happened during a time of the lowest game activity. Still, the season had unique achievements, such as happening entirely on the Ronin network. 

Season 21 gathered around 10K players per day, a small part of peak Axie activity. But during that time, the number of Ronin active wallets rose to 3M. 

After the end of Season 21, Sky Mavis will discontinue the Classic version, preparing for V3 and the full Origin launch. 

Once the season ends, Axis will still be capable of playing in teams of three, and Origin is working toward full leaderboard functionality and rewards. Guilds are already preparing for the shift to Origin. The new game can be played for free, but powerful Axie teams will also boost success. 

Ronin Hints at RON-ETH Bridge Reopening

The Ronin network keeps developing, after recently releasing documents for node operators and third-party app builders. The next step for Ronin is to renew the RON-ETH bridge, which remains frozen since the exploit in March. 

Ronin hinted at June 23 as the reopening date, which may re-capitalize the Katana exchange and drive more assets from the Ethereum network. 

Currently, Axie assets from the Ronin network are also directly tradable on Binance, with no need to bridge back. The bridge’s reserves will be refilled with funds from Sky Mavis, as well as a special round of financing to balance funds on both sides of the bridge.

AXS Shifts Direction

AXS was among the growing assets in the past day. The token added 10% to a price of $14.82. SLP is down to $0.003, and even at this price goes through dramatic pumps on some days. 

RON stabilized around $0.27 after erasing around 50% of its value during a turbulent week.

Axie Infinity is one of the first leading P2E games that has entered a process of reinventing itself and rebuilding its P2E model.

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