Axie Origin: First Signs of Runes and Charms Growth

Axie Origin awaits its first true season with renewed SLP rewards.
  • Runes and Charms take weeks to produce and mint for resale.
  • Only top accounts create Runes and Charms with ease.
  • Tournaments remain chief source of Axie Infinity income.

Hundreds of Runes and Charms have been minted on the Ronin network, while the test season of Axie Infinity: Origin still has a long time to go. The NFT items can be traded to give an advantage to teams within the game. 

For now, there are 694 holders of Charms and 642 holders of Runes based on the Ronin blockchain scan. The tokens use the ERC-1155 standard, designating unique asset allocation. But those tokens also had tens of thousands of transfers in the past few days, hinting at a secondary market. 

The Runes and Charms tokens are difficult to obtain and are more easily generated by top teams. Only the fastest Charm and Rune producers will be able to mint and resell their items within the constraints of a short season. Calls have been made to extend the period of Charms and Runes activities, since their effect on battles expires after the end of each season. 

Axie Origin is also going through a patching process, which may be the final rebalancing before the first true season.

After the update, which fixed bugs with runes and cosmetic features, Axie has signaled it will try not to rebalance the game and allow a return to regular seasons with SLP earnings.

Axie Infinity Aims for Higher Player Count

Axie Infinity still attracts more than 33K players per day, though far from its peak game success. The Axie universe currently does not reward with SLP. The chief source of earnings is through tournaments with a fixed prize pool. 

The other source of earnings is Axie resales and breeding. The game may also be lucrative for early Axie owners with high energy, being able to climb the leaderboards and craft Charms and Runes more easily. 

The next big event that may boost Axie’s prominence will be the AxieCon in Barcelona. The second stage of the Axie Classic tournament will take place during the conference on September 5-7.

For now, Axie sees lesser hype and its main token AXS stalled at $14.63. SLP, the main reward and breeding token, is at $0.004.

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