Ronin Releases Documents for Third-Party App Building

Ronin Network still carries more than 50K active wallets daily.
  • Ronin Network ready to onboard more node operators.
  • RON slides to $0.25 on overall market drop.
  • Axie Infinity Origin adds more features, bug fixes in Arena Mode.

Ronin Network prepares for third-party builders to use the network. Ronin, which hosts Axie Infinity successfully along with its NFT marketplace, aims to invite more game and dApp creators. 

The goal is to offer lower gas fees and more capacity for apps, also bringing in builders with mini-games based on the Axie theme and characters. Currently, the Ronin network only carries three apps – Axie Infinity, Katana DEX and Axie Marketplace.

The documents also opened tools for potential node operators, choosing to validate Ronin and make it more secure. Currently, the Ronin team is also exploring its bridge smart contract with the goal of relaunching in the coming weeks. 

The Ronin network itself remained unaffected by the hacking of the RON-ETH bridge in late March. Around 50K wallets are active on Ronin, mostly related to Axie NFT and the game’s rewards. The Ronin network also carries the Katana decentralized exchange, reaching around $5.9M in daily trading volumes. 

With more projects, both network usage and trading may grow and add more trading pairs to Katana. Currently, Katana carries mostly pairs and assets linked to the Axie game, with slow decentralized activity.

Ronin Aims to Move Beyond Axie Game

For now, Ronin is a relatively small network and may not have the aggressive growth of other L1 projects like Solana or Avalanche. But the availability of the Axie game and the upcoming Origin expansion may add to its exposure. 

RON, however, remains a depressed token, erasing nearly 50% of its value in the past week. After the all-market crash, RON is down to $0.25. The token is mainly used to pay fees, with Axie players again the biggest users. However, this did not raise so much demand for Ronin, still expecting more network growth.

Axie Infinity Origin continues with its new additions. The game stopped temporarily until bringing the new fixes and arena mode additions.

There is a new card drawing and energy system where the battle will evolve with additional energy and card selection rules.

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