Axie Infinity (AXS) Hints at Possible Land Play Models

Axie Infinity is still tweaking its ideas on land game mechanics, for now only carrying metaverse land plots as tradable NFTs.
  • Only a small share of land plots are sold, Lunacia has space for new land sales.
  • First development tools on Axie Infinity may resemble simulated farming.

Axie Infinity (AXS) is still deciding on the exact model of implementing metaverse land plots within the game. After community feedback, Sky Mavis is still reinventing the approach, moving away from the initial idea of selling land only for AXS.

The full land gameplay is still expected, with an optimistic milestone around the middle of 2022. At this point, there are players that bought land months ago, with no guarantee of the utility or value of the asset. 

So far, Axie Infinity only hinted at possible land staking, similar to NFT Worlds. The land plots may also become part of the game as a venue and gain value from being used by other players.

In the coming months, there are also enough potential land plots on the map to organize new sales. One of the proposals was to sell Axie free land plots for Smooth Love Potion (SLP), achieving a double mission of extending the Lunacia map and using up the excess SLP supply.

The other idea was to free Axies to gain the right to land plots. Currently, land plots have a secondary market, but still far from a full metaverse or land farming experience. The available glimpses into land gameplay suggest Axie Infinity may tweak the mechanics and offer various approaches, starting with a town and farm building and adding new Axies to help with land development. 

How Axie Survived the Ronin Hack

The Axie Infinity game continues to feel the effects of losing more than 17,800 ETH and 25M USDC in the attack against the Ronin-Ethereum bridge. The funds will be refunded, but the hacker has already managed to launder the haul through Tornado Cash.

AXS is yet to recover previous levels, after dipping to $45. In the past day, AXS gained to $48.29. SLP slid to $0.017 after a breakout to $0.022 during the period between seasons. RON stepped back to $1.68 while still preserving reported trading volume above $3M in 24 hours, a feat for a P2E token.

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