Ronin Bridge Hacker Moves Haul to Tornado Coin Mixer

The Ronin bridge is still frozen, until security is retested.
  • Funds move in several batches of transactions, erasing connections between wallets through the Tornado mixer.
  • Axie Infinity Origin repairs bugs with new game, offering free-to-play option.
  • RON recovers closer to $2.

The Ronin bridge hack was not, after all, a white hacker deed. The coins will most probably never return and the blacklisting of Ethereum addresses may not work. The hacker has taken to mixing the coins through Tornado, a service that can veil the origin of assets and break the chain of traceable addresses. 

In a series of transactions, the funds were mixed with the potential to move through the ecosystem without the taint of their old addresses. The funds were laundered starting April 6 with the first transactions, after some movements between new wallets. 

The moving of funds happened soon after Sky Mavis announced it was ready to reimburse the losses after raising an additional $150M and tapping its treasury. 

The Katana exchange claims to be open and handle above $12M in volumes in the past day. However, the data is incomplete and the assets traded are mostly relying on other centralized pairs to settle their price. 

The Katana DEX was convenient for Axie players as it was an immediate source of swaps. The exchange was also one of the sources of passive income for providing liquidity with ETH and USDC to calculate the algorithmic price of AXS, SLP and RON. However, it was precisely liquidity providers that were hurt in the hack.

Axie Fixes Bugs in Origin

As Axie Infinity warned, the Origin update may have bugs initially. Some of the issues encountered are being solved while the game still evolves.

With the new update, the game is also in free-to-play mode, and not all users are displayed on DappRadar. With no leaderboard competitions and outside active season, Axie Infinity is a different type of game. The next stop for Axie would be the launch of Season 21 in the coming weeks. 

The Origin launch stopped the slide of AXS, and the asset recovered slightly to $54.30. Smooth Love Potion (AXS) turned down to $0.020, with no recent dramatic price shifts. RON continued to regain its positions, rising to $1.97.

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