Axie Infinity Community Builds Fair Play Committee

Leaderboard smurfing and match fixing is putting fair players at a disadvantage.

Between the launch of Origin and the eventual beginning of Season 21, the Axie Infinity community came up with a plan to curb unfair gaming. A new Committee will track for behaviors that give a significant advantage to teams, guilds, or colluding players.

The game oversight will be known as the Axie Esports Competitive Integrity Council and will track for unusual activity. 

Until recently, Season 20 had problems with the so-called smurfing activity. This is when players have multiple accounts and start a new play on a lower-ranked account. The goal is to earn more leaderboard awards by gifting powerful Axie NFTs to other accounts. 

Besides smurfing, Axie Infinity will look at “win-trading” or a deliberate practice of losing a match or achieving a tie, to manipulate the leaderboard. High leaderboard ranks can grant additional AXS rewards.

Winners also raise their Match Making Rate (MMR), which makes their Axie NFT team more powerful and valuable. However, match fixing puts a disadvantage on players who aim for a fair MMR growth. 

Axie Infinity is carried by multiple guilds and professional teams, and collusion to fix arena matches may become a ubiquitous problem. For now, the solution is to ban the accounts of teams caught in this behavior, to make the leaderboards more fair.

Season 20 has already passed with some doubts about unfair behaviors. Currently, the game is distributing the AXS rewards for leaderboard winners, with the exception of accounts caught with bannable offenses.

Has Axie Infinity Recovered from the Ronin Hack

Axie Infinity is one step closer to resolving the issue with locked assets. Currently, any owners of AXS and SLP on the Ronin Network can deposit them on Binance and trade them for new assets if needed. 

However, assets locked in liquidity pairs on the Katana DEX may still remain locked, as the service has been closed since the discovery of the hack on March 29.

Free AXS and SLP not used to provide liquidity, however, can have a meaningful market price from trading. AXS recovered slightly to $64.44. SLP rallied by around 30% to $0.026 after a few days of weakness. RON recovered slightly to $1.84.

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