Axie Infinity: New Game Rules, Origin Launch Inches to Deadline

Axie Infinity (AXS) still close to $70 as the launch of Origin gets closer.
  • Match-fixing in Season 20 led to immediate team bans.

Ronin network starts requiring fees paid in RON.

Origin eye cards introduced just days before the tentative launch deadline.

Axie Infinity and its Sky Mavis creative team are busy at work adding more features to the Origin update. With March 31 looming, it is still unclear if the game’s upgrade will arrive as promised by the deadline. However, the Axie economy took a breather after the crypto market relief rally took the AXS asset above $70. 

AXS since then slid a bit to $69.79, but may still rally after the actual Origin launch. 

For now, the immediate change about Axie Infinity will be the introduction of fees on the Ronin network. Players and NFT traders will now have a limited number of free Ronin transactions.

The transaction requirement will raise the demand for RON to pay for transactions. A number of free transactions will remain, but those will hinge on owning and holding Axies, as well as digital land plots in the Axie metaverse, Lunacia. 

The Ronin network carries close to 1M transactions per day, with its native asset RON hovering around $2.57. While RON failed to achieve predictions of closing in on $20 soon after launch, it has managed to preserve its value between $2 and $3. 

The end of Season 20 lifted some selling pressure from Smooth Love Potion (SLP), leading to the price settling above $0.022.

Sky Mavis Introduces Last Batch of Cards

So far, the Origin update has been teased with art for the new set of body part cards. The latest addition is also the final battle feature – the Axie eyes.

The new 3D battles and body features may change, as well as the power balance in battles, based on community feedback. 

One thing the Axie Infinity team has shown – it will be merciless to attempts to game the system. After the end of season 20, seven teams were banned for matchi fixing.

The Axies game is often dominated by guilds or big accounts with valuable Axies. Game smurfing or reusing high-value Axies to boost ranks was also discouraged.

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