Axie Infinity Hints at New Axie Egg, Is a New Axie Class Coming?

Axie Infinity Homeland keeps growing its player base, with more leveling up and detailed bases built.
  • Axie Infinity brings new egg art for Secret classes.
  • Axie Homeland leveling up continues, Sky Mavis prepares for Season 2 on Origins.
  • Mini-games keep boosting engagement, as well as e-sports events.

Axie Infinity continues to look for creative tools to keep its player base engaged. Now, leaked images showed a new type of Incubator art and Axie eggs.

The new egg art is to signify Mech, Dawn and Dusk classes, which were until now known as Secret classes and had invisible eggs. 

Axie Infinity still relies on its Axie creatures to keep players engaged, offering varied mechanics, including Breeding, Release, and more recently, Accessories. The newest addition is a type of Secret Axie Egg that is yet to be hatched in preparation for Origins Season 2.

New art is also adding to the game’s appeal, after a recent redesign of the Marketplace.

Axie Infinity is still in the stage between seasons, with just under 10K players per day. Despite this, smaller tournaments are also catching attention. Currently, an invitational tournament is open, in addition to the recently launched Axie Homeland.

This time, a small pool of top players are competing to become the day’s champion. The two-day tournament proved to be a boost to the game’s social media presence, again in preparation for the next active season. 

Axie Homeland Brings Advancements

Players are already showcasing the capabilities of Axie Homeland. Owners of Land NFT can start building their homebase, and the results are stunning, adding a level of simulated farming to the game.

However, not all Axie interactions are reflected on chain, hence the limited effect on smart contract interactions. Players are leveling up to the more complex items and the game is already showing an engaging loop potential. 

The current state of the game shows the products of Sky Mavis still manage to build engagement, despite the diminished effect of SLP and AXS tokens. Season 2 may come with SLP tokenization, though players may also choose the game as a free tool for entertaining purposes, or for participating in e-sports events.

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