P2E and Web3 Weekly Review (May 12- May 19)

Games try to retain their player base with special events, prize pools and daily activities.

Web3 games continue to trend based on special events and short-term prize opportunities. The NFT market has shed most of its activity, though separate collections and utility items are still an important part of Web3. The game market is also gaining traction, as Axie Infinity is now expanding its availability on Apple Store, while also running Origins Season 4, with highly competitive upgrades.

Top Events of the Week

Web3 Game News

Sunflower Land to Build RPG Island Sunflower Land will add social features and RPG with a new task for the developer team. Sunflower Land continues to offer special events to drive engagement, leaving most of the assets on the internal game market. 


CropBytes Offers Player Collaboration – CropBytes, the free-to-play and P2E game, now offers community efforts for achievements. The game offers multiple paths of earning assets, including through significant NFT investments. 


CropBytes offers daily lucky wheel gains for regular players.

Blockchain Cuties Unleashes Dungeon Adventure – Blockchain Cuties, the NFT game, is running a new dungeon challenge. Earnings will depend on the Cutie NFT owned. 


Players can also join the Infernum World map for a different terrain.

Estfor Kingdom Launches Beta, Builds First Clans – Estfor Kingdom is a new adventure RPG with community play. The game launched in beta after completing its tests in early May. Now, the first guilds have been filled with players, expanding the Estfor Kingdom community. 


The game is tokenized with $BRUSH tokens, offering a fast track to a higher-tier guild membership.

Leading Games by Number of Users

Top 10 games saw some shifts among the leaders. Lifestyle and movement app SuperWalk briefly entered the top 5, possibly linked to a one-off event. Other games retained their user base and made some gains against last week, mostly remaining within their usual range of activity. The top 20 of games is more active, with new arrivals from highly active Web2 games with a Web3 component such as a NFT airdrop or other on-chain activities.

GamePrevious WeekCurrent
Alien Worlds229.53K251.77K
Farmers World65.73K80.02K
Sunflower Land14.97K14.51K
Axie Infinity8.76K8.81K

P2E Token Price Action

The market cap of all P2E tokens recovered to $5.02B, bouncing off from last week’s lows under the $5B mark. The market for game tokens has been flat for a while, with some price action from AXS after Axie Infinity Origins expanded its presence on Apple Store.

Upcoming Mints, Airdrops and Giveaways

NFT ownership remains a perk for many games, with varied models from active external trading to mostly in-game items. Airdrops and low-cost mints can still be found, though overall trading is slowing down. Separate collections, however, have moments of activity where their floor price rises significantly and traders can sell for profit.

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