Axie Infinity: What Changes are Coming to Origins Season 2

Sky Mavis is adding an e-sports aspect to Axie Infinity, while adding parallel Arena-mode seasons.
  • Axie Infinity will bring several patches before launching Season 2.
  • The game sponsors e-sports events and offers special challenges to keep engagement.
  • AXS slides toward $6, Sky Mavis tries to reinvent the game as a Web3 project and offset lower earnings.

Axie Infinity is preparing for the next set of changes before launching Origins Season 2. This time, the game may return to using Smooth Love Potion (SLP), while also tweaking mechanics for Runes and Charms. The game will also change the power balance for different classes of Axies. 

During Season 1, the game invited between 30K and 10K players, as interest diminished toward the end of the season. Axie Infinity still sets aside significant rewards for the top of the leaderboards, but players are also demanding more SLP for lower-ranking teams.

There is no set date for Season 2, as all the updates and patches will need to be completed before that. Outside active seasons, Axie Infinity still marks around 10K players interacting with its Ronin smart contracts.

Axie Infinity Adds Mini-Events to Boost Engagement

Outside active seasons, Axie Infinity can still hold mini-tournaments, after recently granting funds for event organizers. To keep players striving, Axie Infinity has also opened a special event with a series of challenges for the owners of Plant class Axies.

Players will compete for SLP, stickers, Moon Shards and special avatars. At the same time, the PvP Arena mode is in its 19th season edition, with a 3,000 AXS reward pool. Arena mode starts with equalized MMR score and new patches on power balances based on data collected from the game. 

Sky Mavis also continues to engage content creators, keeping up a high social media score. Content creators have been invited for courses, and for special referral codes and early testing rights. 

Axie Infinity aims to rebrand itself and add e-sports aspects, to offset the effects of the bear market. One of the big problems for the game is the sliding price of AXS, which moved down the $6 range. This low valuation also cuts into the income of digital landowners. 

AXS is now used as the main reward token, which increases the selling pressure, making the token slide from above $90 at the start of 2022.

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