Axie Infinity Releases Origins Patch, New Staking Opportunitues on Ronin

Axie Infinity Homeland wrapped up its first season, closing servers until S2 launch.
  • Axie Infinity: Homeland completed its first season.
  • Axie Origins had multiple patches to balance the game and repair some types of battle engagements.
  • Axie Infinity now has additional Ronin-based opportunities for AXS staking.

Axie Infinity is looking for ways to thrive, as its Season 2 Origins wraps up. The game still invites close to 10K daily interactions with the blockchain, and more users of the additional mini-games. Axie NFT still trade, and some of the earlier bred characters remain helpful. 

The latest Axie Infinity patch fixed flawed battle interactions, making the main game more balanced. 

Currently, Axie Infinity is highly active in its Axie Land extension, which encourages players to build productive farms and optimize their lots. The Land gameplay is also boosting the value of digital land plots, especially those that have Genesis status and a higher income potential. 

Axie Infinity also creates constant user-content competitions to keep up a high profile on social media. The latest content call is for designs of Axie Land plots and related art.

Players are also designing their land and buildings for more efficiency in gathering resources, by rotating buildings in the optimal direction. The design context wraps up the end of Season 1 for Axie Infinity: Homeland, one of the biggest additions to the game in the past few months.

The Homeland game will not have an inter-season period of idle playing. The servers will be down until the announcement of Season 2.

Ronin Network Expands AXS Staking

One of the big problems for Axie Infinity was the falling price of its main asset, AXS. Currently, AXS trades at $8.67, after touching peaks close to $200 during boom times. 

However, AXS remains an important source of passive income, and is the main reward token for land ownership and for the main season leaderboards.

AXS is part of a growing set of DeFi tools, available for Ronin wallet holders.

Now, AXS earners can choose to retain and stake their haul, instead of selling directly, adding to the integration of DeFi. Axie Infinity still wants to put its gameplay at the front, but the project is relatively old and is also making use of its ties to the crypto infrastructure.

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