Axie Infinity: Origin Now Available on Android Mobile

Axie Infinity: Origin now available fow Android download, with new cards, art and recipe features.
  • AXS slides to $22 on overall market crash.
  • New Ronin wallet coming with feature to avoid approval for scam sites.
  • Origin will continue with free-to-play access before adding token rewards.

After months of testing, Axie Infinity: Origin is now spreading as a mobile game. Origin, with renewed art and power balances, cards and free-to-play access. 

The Origin development has continued without much delays, despite unfavorable events affecting Axie Infinity. The game is still not present on Google App Store and must be downloaded only from the official link. The Classic look is also available and also tested on iOS mobile. 

The new Origin update comes with multiple improvements, such as clickable avatars to check stats and equipment. Recipes will also display missing ingredients and costs. Blood Moon mode is also included in the game, arriving after 15 rounds.

The current Origin launch is limited, and an official global version will probably arrive in the next few months. In the meantime, Sky Mavis is collecting bug reports as the game has many flaws in keeping scores or attack performance.

New Ronin Wallet Coming

The Ronin team has submitted its renewed wallet for review to Google Chrome. Extension wallets are convenient, but they have a flaw in potentially allowing malicious sites to drain their funds.

The new Ronin add-on will update by itself and add a new step in approving new sites. The wallet will also make checks against a list of known scam sites. Malicious links with an unlocked wallet can generate transactions and take away NFT items and cryptocurrencies.

Will Origin Include Token Awards

Origin is still in testing mode with limited functionalities. Over time, Sky Mavis will introduce token rewards, additional crafting and AXS leaderboard rewards. Currently, Axie Infinity Classic is still in Season 21, though with an unknown number of players and very low weekly rewards. 

AXS has taken a hit from the overall market slide, going down to $22.70. The token may still be attractive for leaderboard competitions if the game is appealing enough. Smooth Love Potion (SLP) minting continues at a more subdued pace. 

SLP prices remain subdued at $0.004, with less demand from the new Axie creation and despite the potential to burn some of the tokens. RON, the native asset of the Ronin network is now used for fees. But the price has fallen to $0.53, pressured by market conditions.

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