Axie Origin Introduces Tournaments, Land Staking is Finally Here

Axie Origin is moving to Stage 2, while the game continues building despite the unbalancing of the initial P2E model.
  • Sky Mavis plans a series of tournaments with AXS prize pools.
  • Land staking is active, granting Mystic plot owners and big landholders larger rewards.

Axie Origin is now entering Phase 2 out of 4 before its full global launch with leaderboard and token rewards. During this round of improvements, land staking finally arrived and became active on July 1. The Origin version is now running in alpha, while also setting aside rewards to encourage tournament participation.

Origin is ready with leaderboards, and AXS rewards remain more viable. After its mass adoption, the Axie earnings model has instead moved to tournaments with a higher potential prize based on the best players. Currently, only the most loyal players and scholars are still sticking with the game, opening new opportunities in testing and limited tournaments. The AXS reward is still more meaningful with market prices at $14.03.

Land Staking Benefits Larger Owners

Land staking has started accruing rewards in AXS, finally making land plot NFT active. The AXS rewards can be claimed once daily, though they may possibly pressure AXS if land owners start selling. Even rare Mystic plots fetch a relatively low fee of around $22 in value per day, though still a way to earn a more significant income. 

For larger groups, guilds and early buyers, Land Staking may be a tool to achieve gains during a bear market. AXS staking is also available if the owner does not want to sell the tokens immediately. 

Most of the Land on the Lunacia map is getting staked, as there is still no mining or crop-raising gameplay for direct utility. In the future, the map may have metaverse elements, buildings and farming, adding another layer of complexity to the game.

For now, Smooth Love Potion rewards have diminished, with SLP mostly used for fees and Axie breeding or buying. SLP currently trades at $0.0037 and with the new rules on the earnings potential of Axies, can shrink monthly income as low as $5. With fees included, Axie is now more viable to play in tournament mode, where Sky Mavis is setting aside significant AXS prizes.

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