How the Runes and Charms Trade May Change the Axie Origin

Runes and Charms help Axies with their attacks and defenses, but take a long time to generate and mint.
  • Runes and Charms minted on Ronin since August 18.
  • In-game items need seven-day waiting period before launching NFT.
  • Axie Infinity still a top 10 P2E game.

There are more signs that Runes and Charms are gaining ground and are actively being used. For a few days now, the Ronin network carries newly minted Runes and Charms available within the Axie marketplace.

Runes and Charms are generated within the game, and can then be minted on the blockchain. There is a seven-day waiting period before an in-game item is turned into an NFT. Runes and Charms are yet to hit the NFT market with full force, but they are making changes in the game. 

However, obtaining Moonshards and crafting those items may not be that easy or accessible. Low-energy Axies may not be able to mint or take too long. The main problem is that Runes and Charms may not be minted in the NFT form and be usable within the same season, due to the short time period. 

Players may be hampered by the need to play for more than a week, then wait another week. Runes and Charms can be dissembled and re-crafted in the next season, but only high-energy accounts may be able to make money on the NFT market. 

Axie Players Count Still in Top 10

Axie Infinity has seen its player count stagnate, at around 36.81K players in 24 hours. This places Axie still in the top 10 of games, but falling out of the top 5. The game’s Season 0 has around two more weeks until the end, before SLP gains are reintroduced on Origin. 

AXS, the game’s native staking token, stabilized at around $14.51. AXS is important for land holders, especially the ones with Genesis plots, who expect passive AXS earnings. SLP stagnated at $0.004, its usual range, as Origin is no longer producing tokens in Season 0.

SLP will be needed for crafting Runes and Charms, along with Moonshards. 

For now, it is unknown how much Runes and Charms will mop up excess SLP to help with over-production during the previous 21 seasons.

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