Axie Infinity: Origins Soon to Wrap Up Season 1, Distribute AXS Prize Pool

Axie Infinity remains a successful Web3 adoption project, aiming to retain the value of its main game.
  • The leaderboards are still contested, with prizes for the top 40K players.
  • Origins Season 1 managed to retain up to 29K players in 24 hours.
  • Sky Mavis sets aside funds for third-party e-sports tournaments.

Just under 5 days are left until the end of Axie Infinity: Origins Season 1, the first proper season with leaderboards. During that time, the game managed to hold between 12K and 30K players per day. Players are still competing for the leaderboards and the potential to split the end-of-season AXS reward.

The season will distribute 112,512 AXS to the top 40,000 players. So far, Axie Infinity has attempted to provide more significant incentives, despite the bear market effects on AXS. By the end of the season, AXS lost about 50% of its value, down to $7.01. 

Toward the end of the season, Axie Infinity attracts around 12.53K users per day, becoming the 14th busiest play-to-earn game. Axie Infinity continues to use mostly the Ronin network for its tokens and NFT marketplace.

What Makes Axie Infinity Stand Out

Despite the setbacks, Axie Infinity is a well-established game that is considered one of the projects that brought Web3 adoption. Axie Infinity adapted through a mix of tournament prizes, a new game mode and by adding its first mini-game for digital Land owners. 

Axie Infinity also encourages third-party e-sports tournaments under the game’s brand. Sky Mavis has allocated a server for those mini-tournaments, with a grant of 160K AXS to be distributed until Q2, 2023.

The Axie game model also affected multiple other games, including Kryptomon, Monsterra, Crabada and other projects. Axie Infinity perfected the NFT breeding mechanism, showing value for rare or pure Axies. 

Axie Infinity Relies on Live Events

The Axie brand and Sky Mavis are trying to build live events to boost the game’s appeal. The e-sports grant will also go to organizing costs, to bring together Axie players in real space. 

Axie Infinity has moved from its idle game with regular income, and into a model of rewarding top players. The other in-game resources are the Runes and Charms, which can either be used for advantage or resold for value.

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