Axie Infinity Brings a Hint on How Land Staking Will Work

Axie Infinity aims to rebuild its earnings potential by offering side activities and new forms of land staking income.
  • Land income will be tied to active gameplay in the future.
  • AXS goes under $30, RON sinks below $0.80.
  • Sky Mavis to propose side games, content generation and other perks to keep players engaged.

Axie Infinity is looking for new ways to keep players around and provide regular income. After gameplay decreased its profitability by 95% from its peak, now the game wants to introduce valuable land-based NFT.

The game team is ready with the user side wallet, and is working on the land staking smart contracts. The reimbursement scheme is also ready, awarding AXS tokens for owning the various types of land. Genesis land plots give significantly higher rewards compared to new game biomes.

Axie Infinity Wants to Increase User-Generated Activity

Sky Mavis is now facing a challenge to keep users engaged. After Season 21, Origin is expected to take over, but there is no prediction how much the game would pay.

Axie Infinity is now listed as a top Ronin network game, with 13.1K players in 24 hours during active season. Despite the lower fees, abandoning Ethereum also distanced Axie from its previous player records. Now, Axie is down to levels seen in much smaller games, and is far outpaced by Mobox NFT Farmer.

Instead, Sky Mavis will focus on a list of side activities, including a referral program, content and tool creation and other game improvements.

The game will also tie up passive income with active, provable gameplay. This is to avoid the trap of trying to solve the P2E component by becoming a DeFi hub instead of a game. 

Even land staking rewards will evolve and become tied to active gameplay, instead of having just a holding requirement. This will also ensure the ongoing need for scholars. In the future, Ronin and Sky Mavis predict the potential to build sub-games using the Axie Infinity design and characters. 

AXS Drops Under $30

The change to the Axie economy may also change as the voting and reward asset, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) is returning to previous lows. AXS sank to $29.84, extending the breakdown from the past few weeks.

SLP, the game reward token, remains stagnant at $0.012. Ronin’s native asset, RON, is down to $0.87, after dipping briefly under $0.80. Axie trading activity on Ethereum has almost stalled, with most resales happening on the Ronin network and in the game’s native marketplace. 

Axie land may be a growth asset, though prices and liquidity are unpredictable. 

In general, the NFT market has slowed down significantly since its peak in 2021, and projects are scrambling to reinvent their model.

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