Axie Infinity to Raise Marketplace Fees for Playable Characters

The Axie Infinity game may boost marketplace transaction fees and add creator codes to award new content creation.

The Axie Infinity marketplace will have higher fees starting March 7, causing some discontent with the gaming community.

The decision arrives at a time when the game aims to solve the problem of excess Axies. With higher marketplace fees, players may have an incentive to release Axies and gain digital land assets.

The market fee adjustment is set to give a cut of the sell price to Axie creators. Creators will receive a special code to log onto the marketplace and offer their special products. 

However, the official launch of the Creator program may take longer, as Sky Mavis has announced a period of discussion to smooth out details. 

The chief concern is that even now, the Axie treasury takes a significant cut of all transactions on the Marketplace, and creators may find another source of income. The increased tax to all transactions may further cut into the P2E potential of Axie Infinity. 

The Axie team again received criticism that it is not doing enough to mop up the excess supply of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and support the market price from further drops. 

AXS, SLP Remain Depressed

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) is once again hovering around $57.24, despite the recent market rally. AXS is now limited to voting and used for liquidity on the Ronin exchange. 

SLP, the reward token, remains stagnant at $0.02, after destroying the rally to $0.04 and hopes of a more significant recovery. 

The assets remain highly visible and well-accepted, but there is no incentive to drive up the price. It is possible that the market has already absorbed the news of the launch of Axie Origin, expected at the end of March, after Season 20 wraps up. 

In between seasons, the assets may also face additional downward price pressures. This time, Axie gameplay remains slower, and the price floor for playable characters keeps sinking. Players are also having trouble when listing low-ranked or weak characters, especially after the expected renewed market fee schedule. 

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