Axie Infinity Tries to Stop Overpowered Axies from Winning All Prizes

Axie Infinity warned against multi-account play with overpowered Axie characters.

Not a few days have passed from the launch of the new season of Axie Infinity, and the game community noticed another trend for overpowering the game system. 

In the new season, extra emphasis is put on PvP battles and personal achievement, which increases the value of Axies played. To achieve higher ranking, accounts can resort to the strategy of gifting each other high-ranking Axies and reap disproportionate results in each round. 

The Axie team will track for this behavior, where a player may use several accounts to play, but move the same Axies between them to go up in rank. In general, there is no ban on exchanging Axies, but a cluster of accounts with overpowered characters may make the game unfair.

The exact remedy for gifting Axies is not completed yet. There are calls to the game team to excuse sponsors, and allow scholars to play immediately once they receive a playable character. 

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) Price Stabilizes

Five days into the new season, the price of SLP has stabilized just above $0.03. SLP trading volumes diminished, but the asset is still among the top 10 traded coins on Binance. 

The asset is still trending, along with demand for staking, upgrading Axies, or mining RON on the Ronin network. 

Can AXS Recover

The price of AXS, the voting and staking token of Axie Infinity, has stalled just under $60. There are some expectations AXS can stage a recovery, on a mix of the game’s popularity and future upgrades. AXS is already boosted by increasing social media activity. 

In terms of trading, AXS expects a return to a higher range based on accumulation and stagnation. 

During the latest season, Axie characters on OpenSea still have no set floor price, signaling an oversupply. In the future, Axie Infinity will also offer free Axie packs for a free-to-play version. Axie characters can also be earned from giveaways on social media. 

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