Axie Infinity Warns of Fake Airdrop on Discord

Sky Mavis warned of risky links for a fake promised airdrop, warning against signing a wallet transaction with unknown links.
  • Multiple Discord channels were compromised, sending unsolicited links to several NFT collection communities.
  • Ronin wallet added a fake link protection feature.
  • SLP sinks to $0.005

One of the Axie Infinity Discord channels has been compromised, sending invites to a non-existent airdrop. Those messages can be extremely harmful, as they can cause users to unlock wallets and possibly lose their funds and NFT items.

REVV Racing and Gala Games Music also reported a break into their Discord channels and advised against attempts to unlock wallets for unverified sites.

The Sky Mavis team warned that no airdrops or NFT mints are coming officially, and to avoid any solicitations for unlocking a wallet outside the official Axie Infinity pages. Despite the relatively quick reaction, some users reported missing assets.

Wednesday’s Axie attack may be part of a wider attempt to compromise Discord channels. A similar attack against BAYC and ApeCoin channels led to the loss of valuable NFT in the past few weeks. 

Axie Infinity is extremely wary of potential exploits, as it suffered a $630M hack from the Ronin-ETH bridge which will never be recovered. The haul keeps getting laundered through the Tornado Cash mixed, ending up on exchanges to liquidate. 

Will Axie Infinity Remain Attractive

The Axie Infinity game is still in Season 21, registering above 11K players on the Ronin network. The game’s use of NFT playable Axies is more subdued, as there are more strict measures against lending overpowered characters. Additionally, some of the users are moving to the free-to-play version for Origin, with a free starter team. 

The Axie Infinity game now works with an AXS price of around $21, while SLP, the in-game reward token, is down to $0.005. The diminishing returns mean Sky Mavis may need to work on a new type of earnings ratio, using sub-games or new ways to earn. 

In the next step, Sky Mavis will also discuss the renewal of the Ronin-ETH bridge, as well as the approach to LAND ownership, staking and rewards. Land staking may be one of the replacements of idle play, offering more significant passive returns.

Land may become an important source of interest, as the Lunacia designs and opportunities have grown beyond simple plots. There is also a secondary markets for biomes with various rarity and features.

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