Birdie Shot: New Game Offers Enjoy-And-Earn Model

Just days after opening, Birdie Shot opens its first prize pool for PvP matches.
  • Tournaments now open to earn GOLD, BIRDIE and BORA tokens.
  • Birdie Shot offers character NFT and golf course metaverse plots.
  • Simulated golf brings rewards for PvP matches and training sessions.

Birdie Shot launched this October 5 and is booming as a new enjoy-to-earn game. This is the second game for the Bora ecosystem, following the wild success of Arche World. The launch shows there is still demand for Web3 fun games with an earnings component.

In its early stage, Birdie Shot is totally accessible to anyone and offers early BIRDIE token gains. The Bora team is also boosting the game’s appeal with partnerships and extra earnings in tournament mode, using BORA tokens.

Birdie Shot is also attractive for its relatively large prize pools, secured by the Bora ecosystem. 

Birdie Shot Brings Simulated Sports to Bora Ecosystem

Birdie Shot is a simulated golf game, with the ultimate goal of PvP competitions. Within the game, players also build up resources, train and equip characters and prepare for tournaments. 

Birdie Shot offers daily slots in a tournament with $720K in prizes. The tournament will run for one hour of PvP matches, every three hours. The game is available with some regional limitations. Prizes are paid out in tBORA, the off-chain version of the token. 

BORA tokens are also tradable, with a current price of $0.23, still retaining some of its gains after peaking at $1.30 at the end of 2021. BORA is represented on Bithumb and Gate.IO, with comparatively higher liquidity. 

Inside Birdie Shot, players can also earn GOLD, an asset that is convertible to tBORA and tradable on exchanges once withdrawn from the game. GOLD can be earned both from matches and from training sessions. 

Birdie Shot is one of the new games that are appealing both to gamers, and to those that seek crypto rewards, as BORA allows for withdrawals and monetization.

Players can also buy NFT characters of varier rarity levels, with prices denominated in KLAY tokens from the Klaytn ecosystem. So far, the Birdie Shot NFT collection has seen 1M KLAY in turnover, and higher rarity items ask more than $200 equivalent. 

It is also possible to buy golf course NFT and take small fees from all players that visit the metaverse location.

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