Bora Ecosystem to Expand Arche World, Another Giveaway Open

New tBora token giveaway open for social media tasks, BID tokens giveaway from ecosystem partnerships.
  • Birdie Shot is preparing for its first open tournament from March 28.
  • Additional giveaways active for existing and new players.
  • Arche World set to open new North and South American servers in April.

The Bora game ecosystem is boosting the positions of its Birdie Shot and Arche World game. For an immediate reward, players can once again participate in a series of Gleam challenges, with additional tBORA token airdrops.

The world of Bora games is tokenized, but most of the assets are designed to stay within the game’s economy, and not be traded on external markets. The other main goal is enjoy-to-earn, with a game-first approach. 

First Bora Cup Coming Up

Birdie Shot has existed as an idle game, but will now add a competitive element. The first Bora open cup will start in a few days.

Birdie Shot held one closed tournament in Q4, 2022, and will now extend its invitation to more players. Currently, the game is popular in the P2E market in Southeast Asia, and especially the Philippines. 

Ahead of the tournament, Birdie Shot also offers an opportunity for new players to earn BID tokens from the GuildFi ecosystem.

The set of challenges aims to distribute both token rewards and in-game consumable items. 

Birdie Shot is slowly gaining popularity, and ahead of the tournament, Android downloads reached the 10K mark. The game is partially skill-bassed and partially idle, and can be played for free. However, ownership remains possible, and players can own golf courses to hold competitions. 

Birdie Shot also offers NFT avatars, as well as passes for special events. The NFT also work as membership passes for specific golf courses. Access to Birdie Shot trading requires a Klaytn ecosystem wallet, and NFT are sold in KLAY token prices.

Arche World to Open Additional Servers

The adventure game Arche World will expand its reach with new servers launching for North and South America.

The game will move toward a more global presence with a seamless Web3 MMO game. Unlike Birdie Shot, Arche World is highly detailed and offers fantasy-themed civilization building, trading, and battle mode with playable avatars.

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