Arche World Announces New Land Sale Round

Arche World managed to deliver a playable game, though more content is expected.
  • Arche World is rebuilding its user base, with calls for more content.
  • New land sale offers missions for beginners and free access to potentially valiable NFT.
  • Arche World uses BORACHAIN, a second-layer scaling solution built on Klaytn.

Arche World, a recently launched P2E game, took the space by a storm and turned into one of the more prominent new products. Now, Arche World is moving into its land sale stage, creating an NFT to boost ownership and involvement.

For the next two weeks starting this Thursday, Arche World will start to distribute its land plots with a standard size. 

The ownership of a land plot may increase game earnings down the line. Arche World has set multiple tools to grab a piece of land for in-game activity on special events. For some, a land plot will be awarded after a lucky draw.

One of the events is especially targeted to game beginners, who can start to build up their first game ownership.

Arche World is still in a period of boosting its player count, with regular tBORA token giveaways and other incentives to engage with the game. 

Is Arche World Growing

Arche World held a series of earlier NFT sales for land and characters in August. Some of the NFT have appreciated, with asking prices for basic land plots doubling. 

The new NFT mint may give more players a land plot to hold, with the potential to grow the game’s economy. 

Based on user reports, the game may be admitting as many as 1,000 active players per day, a feat for a P2E game just launching. Arche World also managed to launch most of its milestones only months after its asset sale, not leaving early investors to wait for too long.

The game has its own blockchain, BORACHAIN, which is a second-layer solution based on Klaytn blockchain. Klaytn has been one of the tools for mainstream adoption of NFT and play-and-earn games. Arche World tapped this blockchain as a gateway to the Southeast Asian game and blockchain market. 

Currently, Arche World offers easier onboarding, without spending significant sums on initial assets. Arche World players are also calling for extra content to make the game more engaging.

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