Bomb Crypto Android Launch Coming Soon for Casual Access

Bomb Crypto, one of the top BSC games, is coming out with an Android version within days.

Bomb Crypto, one of the latest trending play to earn games, is spreading its presence with an upcoming Android launch.

Bomb Crypto combines puzzle and casual play with the potential for play to earn capabilities. To participate in battle mode, players can choose to buy and use the BCOIN token. 

Bomb Crypto Remains Top P2E Game

Bomb Crypto remains among the top most active BSC games, though DappRadar has temporarily disabled statistics. BCOIN, the native asset of the game, was also among the top coins in Asia. Reported gameplays per day are in the millions, though with incomplete blockchain records. The game’s popularity tracks the success of one of the older game hits, Bomberman. 

The arrival of a mobile version, with iOS expected soon, will sway the P2E potential of Bomb Crypto to more player engagement. Bomb Crypto is still not suitable for guild-based gameplay, as the game can be opened without scholarship. Still, there are groups that pool BCOIN and seek players. 

Bomb Crypto NFTs are rarely found on OpenSea, instead relying on the game’s native marketplace for character skins.

BCOIN Invites Heightened Activity

The performance of Bomb Crypto hinges on the value and performance of Bomber Coin (BCOIN). 

The asset is held in 787,076 addresses on Binance Smart Chain, underscoring the game’s popularity. The most active trading happens on Pancake Swap, where BCOIN is also used for a form of yield farming in the automated trading pairs. 

Because of the importance of BCOIN, Bomb Crypto can also be classified as a gamified DeFi project, with earnings hinging on trading and financial operations and a little less on gameplay. BCOIN is also one of the offerings on Soy Finance, though remaining a high-risk, high-APR investment.

BCOIN traded at $0.69, currently at a much lower price range from a peak above $8.20. BCOIN may be prominent, but it also faces the challenges of play to earn tokens, which are yet to repeat their all-time highs.

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