Bomb Crypto Tops BSC Games Weekly Chart, Unlocks New Features

Bomb Crypto (BCOIN) hopes for a recovery of its token price, while logging a robust number of daily players and token holders.

Bomb Crypto was among the Binance Smart Chain games with the most exposure to social media interest in the past week. The game is also the most active based on blockchain data. The exposure for Bomb Crypto arrives at a time when play to earn games fight for prominence and to build a user base.

The game has periodic burst of activity, the latest one after announcing its latest pack of upcoming improvements and new features. The Bomb Crypto game focuses on a team of players hunting for BCOIN while fighting monsters.

In the past month alone, Bomb Crypto has consistently logged a high number of users each day, ranging between 49,000 and 29,000, based on DappRadar data. The play to earn component of the game locks in more than $4.7M, with $1.54M in daily turnover.

BCOIN Hopes for a Breakout

BCOIN peaked above $8.27 at the end of 2021, and has been on a sliding trend with few breaks. As of February 2022, BCOIN trades at only 0.69, with steeper losses in the past days. 

In the past week, BCOIN was among the top trending assets in Asia, potentially signaling a breakout.

The price performance of BCOIN resembles that of Smooth Love Potion (SLP), where reward value peaked and was dragged down by too much new coins awarded to players. Currently, there are about 10M self-reported BCOIN in circulation, with a total of 100M. At this relatively low supply, BCOIN could command a much higher price, especially with so many players.

Bomb Crypto attempts to incentivize holding, marking a recent rise of holders. The number is based on the BSCScan number of wallets, which reached 803,699 addresses.

One of the problems for BCOIN is the lack of representation on big exchanges, as the asset relies mostly on PancakeSwap, the leading BSC decentralized exchange.

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