Bomb Crypto Comes Up with Idle Mining, Rare New Skins

BCOIN and SEN sink near lows, BOMB continues to preserve most of its value.
  • Bomb Crypto to add automated idle mode for passive earnings.
  • New skins coming on the NFT market.
  • Bomb Crypto 2 and tournaments aim to revive P2E model.

Bomb Crypto continues with its attempt to reinvent the game. Coming on August 18, the game will add idle mining features for passive income. The idle game will accrue tokens for players even when inactive.

For now, it is unknown how much idle gaming and token creation the Bomb Crypto economy can withstand. One of the game’s problems was the rapid selling of BCOIN and later, SEN tokens. This led to a slide in asset prices, as well as decreased interest in the game. 

To further boost engagement, the game will add three extra skins, to be acquired as NFT.

Skins are one of the features used by Bomb Crypto to add a layer of rarity and possibly a secondary trade. However, the game is still aiming to release a new version and possibly raise the value of its tokens. 

Bomb Crypto Aims to Reinvent Game, Token Value

Currently, Bomb Crypto has three tokens in circulation. BCOIN has fallen from $0.11 down to 0.014 in the past three months. Senspark (SEN) is at $0.002, after failing to retain value. For now, most hope is on Bombcrypto Coin (BOMB) is currently at $0.85, moving sideways and so far retaining most of its value. 

Bomb Crypto has also lost most of its users, sinking significantly in the past 30 days. The game has 716 users in the past 24 hours, down from a few thousand during peak times. Bomb Crypto managed to ride on the popularity of the Bomber game, but has depleted its P2E model, losing the player base for its first version.

Bomb Crypto 2 will also run on Polygon, but will have more taxable events and require more play to coins.

Additionally, the game holds short-term tournaments with a prize pool, a new approach taken by many P2E games. Bomb Crypto has introduced Boss Hunts, lasting for a few days and rewarding players later. The game is trying to rebuild based on its reputation and the available liquidity for Binance Smart Chain projects.

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