What is Bomb Crypto 2: Restarting the Tokenomics

Bomb Crypto plans to redo its tokenomics with new boss fight rewards.
  • BOMB tokens to go on sale for USDT, price between $0.30 and $1 depending on buying interest.
  • BCOIN and SEN drop to new lows as game loses balance.
  • Bomb Crypto to redo tokenomics, add more Hero burning.

Bomb Crypto is planning another IDO event to give life to its second project, Bomb Crypto 2. The original game, as with other P2E offers, suffered the deep loss of value of its native asset, BCOIN. 

Despite the attempts to burn BCOIN and incentives to stake, players were discontent with the game’s earnings potential. Bomb Crypto is still played by 3.34K users, down by more than 60% from the usual levels, but still a high range for a P2E game. 

The Senspark ecosystem is growing and until recently, Bomb Crypto was among the top successful games of 2022. Recently, Senspark also went throug a Certik audit to ensure the safety of its smart contracts. 


However, the game’s tokenomics is creating skepticism, which may affect interest in the upcoming IDO token sale.

Why Bomb Crypto Considers New Version

BCOIN keeps unraveling and is now at $0.02, down from a peak near $9 at the end of 2021. Senspark (SEN), the more recently launched ecosystem coin, is now at $0.01, sliding from the initial peak above $0.72.


Bomb Crypto 2 will start with an entirely new token, BOMB, which will be distributed in an IDO event. The allowlist for the event will be open until July 5, announcing eligible subscribers immediately after that.

New IDO Buyers Limited to $500 of BOMB Tokens

BOMB will have a supply of 100M, of which 70M will be sold during the presale event. Buying into the new token requires USDT, and the sale price may fluctuate based on demand and the stage of selling. BOMB is to be sold between $0.30 and $1 in notional value depending on interest from buyers. 

The token distribution will be scheduled for July 7, and the full balance will be paid out in the next 10 days. The IDO is limited to $500 per person, with excess USDT returned based on the final average price of BOMB.

A brand new game token poses challenges, such as establishing new listings. Additionally, Bomb Crypto will start with a new gaming balance, partially paying out rewards for casual gaming. There will also be rare but bigger game boss rewards and a Hero burning mechanism to boost the price of NFT.

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