Bomb Crypto: Join Upcoming PvP Tournament

BCOIN, SEN and BOMB remain thinly traded, making tournament rewards more appealing.
  • Bomb Crypto has three-token model, also offering stablecoin earnings.
  • SEN, BCOIN, BOMB all hover near lows on very illiquid trading.
  • New tournament to open soon for top 1000 players in current leaderboards.

Bomb Crypto, formerly one of the most active P2E games on Binance Smart Chain, is trying to revive its earnings model with short-term events. The next tournament is set for Thursday, July 28, bringing together more players for a competitive prize pool. 

The tournament will be open to top 1000 ranked players in the PvE idle game.

Bomb Crypto is now a three-token P2E proposition, though still struggling to gain liquidity. For that reason, a part of the prize pool will be in BUSD, to give a more specific and intuitive value. Only part of the reward will be based on the SEN token, available in the Senspark ecosystem. 

SEN currently trades off its lows, though still at around $0.004. BCOIN lost most of its demand and is down to $0.019 on choppy trading with low volumes. The newly minted Bomb Crypto Coin (BOMB) for now preserves most of its value, and trades around $0.70, down from a recent rogue peak around $0.89.

Bomb Crypto regular players have also mostly abandoned the game. DappRadar registers 2.1K players, from an all-time peak of 56K players. Bomb Crypto was heavily dependent on early NFT adoption, with high-priced heroes and a brief period of rapid BCOIN appreciation. Now, the game is also struggling to reinvent its gameplay and earnings potential. 

New Games Copy Bomber Model

The Bomber was one of the most popular free games. Now, new games with a fresh tokenomics model are beginning to appear, starting with a new token and potential growth ahead. 

The best approach is to avoid over-investing in games with overpriced NFT and tokens. While the early P2E boom offered outsized gains, the potential to resell at a higher price was limited. 

Bomber Punks is yet another game with a similar theme. The best approach is to choose a game that can offer growth through play, with smaller investments in crypto tokens. Bomb Crypto remains popular, but is currently oversupplied with Heroes and tries to push Fusion as a mechanic to remove excess NFT.

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