Bomb Crypto Retokenized, BOMB Ticker Starts Trading

Bomb Crypto was among the top popular P2E games before BCOIN and SEN lost most of their value.
  • Bomb Crypto 2 to launch on Thursday, July 14.
  • BOMB trades on QuickSwap with limited liquidity.
  • Senspark (SEN) token adds burning mechanism.

Bomb Crypto is preparing for a new version of its game, with a re-tokenized earnings mechanism. After BCOIN and SEN fell to even lower levels, the team organized another IDO for a new asset, BOMB. This time, there is hope for better resource allocation and a more stable token price.

The Bomb Crypto 2 game is coming this week, while BOMB holders have grown since the IDO to about 1,000. The game’s goal is to encourage BOMB staking and holding for the longer term, unlike the function of the BCOIN inflationary asset or thenewly introduced SEN. The Bomb Crypto 2 game will also come with additional NFT collections beyond playable Heroes.

The new asset, also known as Bombcrypto Coin (BOMB) should not be confused with an older BOMB token. BOMB settled a price around $0.89, after an immediate listing to QuickSwap, one of the more active decentralized exchanges. BOMB is just on its third day of trading and so far its price has actually expanded instead of falling.

However, the new asset trades at just around $300K in trading volumes and may be extremely volatile. The BOMB token still has a single trading pair against USDT and remains highly unpredictable.

Bomb Crypto Aims to Regain Status Among Top BSC Games

Bomb Crypto has been one of the top BSC games for months, reaching peak player count above 56K per day. Currently, 2.86K players are in the game, with complaints about the rapidly unraveling BCOIN price. BCOIN is now down to $0.02, while Senspark (SEN) broke down to $0.006. SEN has added a burning mechanism after community demand, but this has helped little with current price action.

One of the more valuable assets, Heroes, is also being sold informally, along with Bomb Crypto accounts. For now, the new game version launching soon is the biggest hope to revive the ecosystem. Senspark has promised an entire metaverse and additional games, but for now none of those developments has materialized, causing some players to give up on the earlier game version.

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