Bomb Crypto Token BCOIN Rallies on Amazon Update

Bomb Crypto (BCOIN) aims to keep its appeal as the top BSC game in the past month.
  • Bomb Crypto ready with the update by the end of May.
  • BCOIN rallies to $0.08 on hopes of growing game popularity.
  • Bomb Crypto opens ambassador problem for the Senspark ecosystem.

Bomb Crypto, one of the most active games on Binance Smart Chain, is reawakening in expectation of the Amazon update package. The news boosted the BCOIN native token, as well as the SEN token, the native asset of the Senspark ecosystem.

The Amazon update has completed most of its milestones and may be released by the end of May. The game will offer a renewed V2 economic system and more valuable mystery boxes.

As with other games, the value of BCOIN was crucial for adoption, as well as for the earnings potential of the game. BCOIN rallied to $0.08, later stepping back to $0.07. Senspark (SEN) is up more than 150% to $0.07. 

The BCOIN recovery may be short-lived, especially if more of the BCOIN supply from the developer fund gets unlocked and sold on the markets. SEN is also highly risky, depending on a single PancakeSwap trading pair.

Bomb Crypto is still successful in the longer term, becoming the third most-visited BSC game in a 30-day period. In the short term, however, players fluctuate by as much as 75%, moving between 20K and 5K per day. The game also claims a million players for its off-chain activity, and BCOIN is held by more than 684K addresses. At the same time, the market has resold nearly 35K Heroes, the playable NFT characters.

Bomb Crypto also wants to boost its appeal as P2E games are starting to lag. The game is launching an ambassador program with dedicated rewards for popularizing the brand.

Senspark also plans to build additional mini-games, extending the Bomb Crypto characters. The chief products of Senspark include the Marketplace and the Bomb Crypto game itself. The team wants to also build a metaverse land map, as well as an additional P2E game. 

Bomb Crypto may also meet competition from a similar bomber-type game, MetaBomb, which was in testnet stage in May 2022.

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