Bomb Crypto: What Amazon Mode Has to Offer

Bomb Crypto remains a highly visited game, now struggling to repair its P2E balance.
  • Merging NFT players is now possible to produce more powerful characters.
  • BCOIN and SEN to boost game rewards.
  • New roadmap milestones coming by the end of the year, with PvP and battle mode.

May will be a big month for Bomb Crypto, as it expects the Amazon Mode upgrade. The game will incorporate a new token in addition to BCOIN, introducing SEN, the native asset of the Senspark metaverse. Senspark is the wider project behind Bomb Crypto, soon to introduce new P2E games.

The other significant change will be a game mechanic to merge heroes and upgrade to a more advanced player.

Bomb Crypto remains a very busy game, mostly riding on the fame and appeal of the old Bomber game. The biggest problem is its P2E model, where BCOIN prices stalled and fell. 

Users are already reporting SEN being given away for treasure hunt mode. SEN, however, has not brought an immediate relief to earnings. In about two weeks, SEN sank from initial trading price at $0.74, down to $0.10. BCOIN continues its long slide with choppy short-term fluctuations and remains at $0.08. 

At the same time, 6.87K users still find the game meaningful. Bomb Crypto is the sixth most busy game on Binance Smart Chain, even after a drop-off in players in the past few weeks. 

Bomb Crypto has not given up on the game, attempting to make it more appealing and offer awards and a sense of achievement. The game has several milestones set up for its 2022 roadmap. 

What’s Next for Bomb Crypto Roadmap

Leaderboards and new Battle Mode will be available in Q3, possibly after the Amazon upgrade. In Q3, Bomb Crypto will add achievements and Quest Mode. Toward the end of 2022, the game team plans to issue new NFT items, as well as a new PvP map.

Bomb Crypto competes with Mines of Dalarnia for its spot. The newly launched game is growing its user base by leaps and bounds, and may soon take over the position of Bomb Crypto. Currently, the BSC game leader is Mobox NFT Farmer, which hinges on a mix of gameplay and DeFi to support the significant value locked in the game. 

Bomb Crypto, however, still manages to lock in more than $690K in daily value, outpacing even more active games. This project is also entering a stage where it can tweak or rebalance its earnings model to achieve continued appeal and keep the player base.

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