CastlesNFT: Join Slaying Event Season 3, Updates Coming

CastleNFT will launch a three-tool game with simulated farming, Farmer Pets, on April 7.

CastlesNFT is preparing for a series of updates, including a more intuitive display of points from building mode, as well as introducing easier-to-use NFT characters. CastlesNFT is a trending WAX blockchain game with a civilization-building theme. 

CastlesNFT stands out for its economy, based on a carefully balanced series of buildings, ending in building and supporting a Castle economy. Players require a Royal Seal and must mint a Baron to have an operating castle. Some of the earnings revert back to the game, to renew the Royal Seal. There is also a secondary market for Barons, which can be resold as NFT. 

CastlesNFT Brings Points,NFT Tomes for Monster Stayers

Beyond the civilization-building game, CastlesNFT is running a Monsters Killing event until April. The event will have leaderboards and lucky draws of Tomes, Legendary Heroes and WAX tokens. The total value of rewards is an estimated $1,000 in tokens and NFT.

The number of points earned will depend on the type of Monster and its rarity, with triple the points for game bosses. The monster operation is helping the game’s user count, still retaining around 2.5K players per day, based on WAX blockchain data.

CastlesNFT Branches with New Adventure Game

CastlesNFT is also preparing to add another game to the mix. Farmer Pets will be another WAX-based game with a slow-building arc. 

Farmer Pets will be an extremely simple game with three main tools or resources: pet food, wood, and silver. Players pick a land plot and produce one of the three assets, in which they choose to specialize. 

As with CastleNFT, the economy will be balanced to encourage trading and avoid overproduction. Both CastleNFT and Farmer Pets will not have native tokens, and instead, issue their “cash” rewards in the form of WAX tokens. 

CastleNFT and Farmer Pets are also worth watching for upcoming special prizes and airdrops. Farmer Pets is expected to go live on April 7 and hinted at having one of the biggest airdrops on the WAX ecosystem for 2023.

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