Chainmonsters Moves to Phase 2 Beta Launch

Chainmonsters to expand its NFT marketplace as game progresses, though it currently offers equippable items exchange.
  • Chainmonsters is a game-first project on the Flow blockchain, available on Steam and in multiple free-to-play formats.
  • Open beta will test game load features.
  • 135 Chainmonsters available to catch, train and use in battle.

Chainmonsters has just above 24 hours left until its Stage 2 Beta launch. Open to the wide public, this new version will test out a new batch of features. The previous version closed on April 15, and game passes for the next stage were open for sale until Sunday.

Chainmonsters offers to be an immersive MMORPG, reachable through a free-to-play version. In addition to the free game, Chainmonsters tested inventory NFTs with a marketplace. Equippable items are still listed mostly as an experiment, awaiting the game’s full launch. Closed beta passes will still be valid and grant access to additional events or an earlier testing experience for some of the features.

The chief advantage of Chainmonsters is its presence on Steam, as well as iOS and Android versions. The game is part of the portfolio of B-Side Games, the creator of the 3:21 game of serial small challenges.

What’s in Store for Chainmonsters

The game action is set in the borderless world of Ancora, where 135 unique Pokemon-like monsters can be found, tamed, trained and sent to battle. The game’s chief goal is similar to Pokemon’s adventure version, where a player will set out into the world to catch as many characters as possible.

Recently, Chainmonsters registered its game under the Ethereum Domain Name Service (ENS), possibly ahead of a P2E future. Currently, Chainmonsters only has NFT items as its blockchain tokenization mechanism.

Chainmonsters has revealed little about its tokenomics and has not issued a native asset, unlike other upcoming games that go token-first. Among P2E games, Chainmonsters has several unique features. It will run multiple events in the coming months to check the potential player load of the game. 

Additionally, Chainmonsters uses the Flow blockchain, a relatively unpopular choice for games. Flow is now aiming to expand its portfolio, and already has support from Animoca Brands. The Flow blockchain is specially created for fast modern decentralized games and hosts NFT projects like CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot. The Flow blockchain has also gained support from Animoca Brands.

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