ImmutableX Receives Verified Solution Status for Unity Games

ImmutableX is a L2 solution, which secures all its records on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • ImmutableX has been endorsed as an official Unity SDK for Web3 developers.
  • More games choose Unity for 2D or 3D products, now with easier addition of Web3.
  • ImmutableX onboarded ChainMonsters and carries other high-profile games like Illuvium.

ImmutableX is one of the high-profile solutions to scale the Ethereum network. So far, the platform has partnered with multiple NFT mint projects, to avoid gas wars and high transaction prices. ImmutableX onboarded GameStop and other high-profile and publicity NFT collections. 

ImmutableX is also gaining importance as a tool for games, carrying high-profile P2E projects like Illuvium. Now, ImmutableX has received an official seal of approval, and will be considered a Verified Solution for Unity developers.

Unity remains one of the viable engines for building both traditional and Web3 games, and now the market is competing for releasing the best SDK to onboard Web3 developers. ImmutableX solidifies its presence by targeting traditional gamers and players of established Web2 games, with easy addition of Web3 features. 

With a large percentage of games choosing Unity, having a Unity SDK package will be a competitive advantage for ImmutableX. The ImmutableX package is featured in the Unity asset store, and is available as a free feature.

ImmutableX Promotes Web2 to Web3 and Game Migrations

Recently, ImmutableX gave its minting and trading tech to ChainMonsters, one of the high-profile P2E games. ChainMonsters will sell a collection on the ImmutableX marketplace and migrate to the new L2 solution for scalability.

An estimated 150 teams have been building on ImmutableX, with some of the top games including Gods Unchained, Cross the Ages, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, and more. ImmutableX claims more than 25M NFT items minted, 

ImmutableX offers tools to mint virtually unlimited NFT, meaning even existing games can secure their items. The ImmutableX L2 solution is gas-free but offers the security of the Ethereum network and a permanent record of balances performed periodically.

ImmutableX also includes the potential for credit and debit card payments, meaning players can use regular pay-to-play tools, with no need to hold crypto assets in advance. 
ImmutableX also offers a dedicated Developer portal to deploy new or existing projects with the most common features for Web3.

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