ChainSafe Gaming Brings More Developers to Web3

ChainSafe onboards games like Arsenal FPS and other mini-games with a fast integration process for accessing multiple blockchains.
  • ChainSafe reports assisting more than 100 games with its open-source tools.
  • The hub launched its V2 in February, offering projects to fast-track wallet and smart contract integration.

    ChainSafe also offers NFT marketplace integration tools for in-game embedding.

ChainSafe joins the trend of Web3 by offering resources specifically tailored to gaming. Web3 is most directly tied to the P2E game boom, but with the addition of ready-made games that also want to add a blockchain component. ChainSafe offers to onboard projects and developers with a specific focus on applying blockchain to gaming. 

Recently, ChainSafe updated to Version 2, and released additional resources to onboard developers. The project will also hold an AMA discussion on its involvement in the world of Web3.

ChainSafe focuses on tools for decentralization and trustless transfers, offering tools for automation and value transfers with a wholly automated process of approval. 

The ChainSafe V2 toolset has been launched for about 10 days, with direct tools to start building the blockchain backing for games.

ChainSafe aims to serve the user-directed tools in games that make the experience of Web3 fun. The tools offer NFT minting, incentives, in-game airdrops and mints, reward schedules within games and the rules of ownership. 

ChainSafe offers the Unity package to integrate Web3 into games, containing the basics of blockchain: wallet integration, access to multiple networks and smart contract calls. The other main toolset is the Marketplace, offering both trading and NFT verification, ownership, royalties, as well as embedding the marketplace into the game.

ChainSafe Aims for Fast Web3 Launch

ChainSafe offers game projects to shorten time to market, as well as assist with design. The main points of Web3 integration are simplified, with minting tools and embedding tools to quickly add a marketplace. Building NFT trading is one of the significant milestones for games, which help bring in players and investors.

The ChainSafe toolset will remain open source and is now in the process of creating a developer community. The toolset is reportedly used in more than 100 games, with more than 700 GitHub star users. 
Among games built with ChainSafe are Cryptopolis, Binamon, the 3D FPS Arsenal and other mini projects. The tools reportedly shorten the building period to a week for integrating blockchain features into a game.

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