Champion Strike: Crypto Arena Opens for Mobile App Downloads

Champion Strike: Crypto Arena completed its development in closed beta, and reached the global launch of its mobile version.
  • Champion Strike: Crypto Arena launched its global app for download.
  • The game will offer resources and airdrops for daily login.
  • Champion Strike joins the WEMIX family with a new PvP battle game.

Champion Strike: Crypto Arena is one of the games moving closet to having a full presence as a Web3 project. The game is live for both Android and iOS devices, and mixes access to ownership and a game account. Now, the game will also grant daily login rewards. 

Champion Strike: Crypto Arena pits two teams of three NFT heroes against each other. Players have to win the match by selecting the right combination of Heroes and skill cards. Each successful win brings more useful items, including more rare or powerful cards. Players can pick from a deck of 60 cards, which are distributed more randomly. They are combined with the relative strengths and weaknesses of each hero, for unpredictable PvP battles.

The game joins a growing list of PvP defense games, which range based on lore and artwork, as well as attack and defense opportunities. The game’s goal is to climb the ranks and possibly become the global top player. 

Just about a day after its launch, the game’s global release brought in 10K players. The game is yet to be tracked in detail for its NFT and token usages. Early pre-registrations will also expect to receive STRICO tokens. Rubies and other in-game items also help in the game’s progress. 

Like other WEMIX games, Champion Strike is generous with its free airdrops and NFT items. 

How Champion Strike Integrates Web3

This game takes the route of having a finished app and Web3 tools through the WEMIX ecosystem. WEMIX-based games are known for using already well produced gaming models, with a very agile addition of an account that also doubles as a custodial wallet. 

Champion Strike: Crypto Arena will use a two-token model. STRICO tokens can be used for cashing out, through swaps on WEMIX. 

Players will also receive STAR tokens within the game, which can be exchanged for STRICO. But STAR can also be used to upgrade Heroes and gain more valuable attack and defense cards. The game also had a functioning NFT store, recently resolving a pricing display issue.

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