MIR M Opens Pre-Registration as Sequel to MIR4

MIR M will aim to take over as one of the most successful high-grade Web3 games.
  • MIR M opened a signup list, which doubles as participation in an upcoming airdrop.
  • MIR M will be a sequel to MIR4, one of the top Web3 games on WEMIX and Klaytn.
  • The new game will aim to preserve the success of the MIR franchise with 5M app downloads.

MIR M will be the next iteration of the MIR4 game, one of the highly active Web3 games on WEMIX. The game opened its pre-registration this week, offering a new sets of equipment and powers as a starter pack. 


MIR4 managed to become one of the top live open world MMORPG with battle mode and tournament servers. Now, WEMIX will launch a new version of the game, with a new set of prizes. The new game will still have Web3 tools and ownership, but will abandon the earnings balance of MIR4. 

What Puts MIR4 and MIR M a Step Ahead

MIR4 already has an established record with a complex 3D world and advanced character design. 

MIR4, created by Wemade Co. Ltd., is one of the success stories of Web3 games with play-to-earn. The app has more than 5M downloads, and was one of the top games on the Klaytn ecosystem, before the launch of WEMIX 3.0. However, MIR M will aim to be an improvement over the original game, which only reached a rating of 3.9 out of 5, due to bug reports or problems with progress. 

Despite this, the MIR game franchise is offering a completed game, with some of the flaws resolved. The MIR M version will also carry the special perks and boosts package well into 2023. 

The early signup period will continue until the team sets a deadline, aiming to onboard millions of users and repeat the previous game’s success. The main achievement of the MIR franchise is that it drew in traditional gamers, while underselling its Web3 component. The game also had a global launch, avoiding the fate of games with more limited regional availability.

MIR M Prepares for Airdrops

The MIR4 sequel is now attracting users with two large-scale airdrops. In addition to the current pre-registration airdrop, another one will be held after December 12, to mark the game’s actual launch. 

The deadline for the second airdrop will be announced in the future. In the past version, MIR4, the game had a dedicated exchange for in-game assets and NFT, though this market saw limited trading.

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