Dekaron G Opens Collection Event, Calling All Beginners

Decaron G offers limited in-game swaps for its special resource and NFT item challenge.
  • Dekaron G uses the Wemix ecosystem, including Wemix 3.0 and its GameFi capabilities.
  • An in-game challenge will be active until November 22, swapping resources for rare items.
  • Dekaron G is a Web3 game with limited tokenization and more reliant on NFT ownership.

Dekaron G is a fully live game that is now trying to boost its player count. Decaron G: Time of Madness offers multiple strategies and is now showcasing its tools and items to achieve success. The game is available on Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and as a downloadble PC version. 

Now, Dekaron G is holding a new Collection event, active until November 22.

The game has been around for years and already has an established player base, but now has the added feature of Web3 ownership. This allows players to own special and rare items, as in the case of the current collection event. 

Players must seek and collect the Golden Marble resource and use it in the limited exchange program for more valuable items. The resource will drop from defeated monsters based on the game’s probabilities. Players will have limited daily exchanges for a list of consumables or other game advantage items. 

Dekaron G is far ahead of other P2E games, with more than 100K downloads on its Android version. This puts the game in another category, where game-first approach makes the project successful. Dekaron G uses the Wemix blockchain, an ecosystem often used by ready-made games. 

Dekaron G Becomes Part of Wemix GameFi Ecosystem

Dekaron G is not tokenized, but instead has a game economy of resources and owned NFT. Wemix has a native token, WEMIX, with relative stability and an option to cash out. The Wemix ecosystem itself will aim to offer asset swaps and limited monetization for its family of games. 

The WEMIX token will now run on a new native network, and the old token, issued on Klaytn blockchain, will be known as Wemix Classic for the purposes of swapping to the new asset.

Wemix moved to its 3.0 version, which will boost the platform’s GameFi capabilities. The new features will include staking and decentralized trading, which have been present on other networks. 

For now, Dekaron G takes the path of games like Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, avoiding active tokenization and P2E earnings, but giving more NFT ownership.

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