Web3 Games Peak in Searches, Boosted by WEMIX and ImmutableX

Web3 games aim for a more sustainable model to avoid over-exposure to crypto markets.
  • Web3 searches surpass interest in crypto and Bitcoin.
  • A new batch of games lines up as the most searched and most used.
  • New games seek tools to make transaction fees next to zero.

User interest keeps shifting to completed live games, with more searches and demand targeted to Web3 projects with ready-made mobile apps or PC versions. Recently, interest in Web3 surpassed searches even for Bitcoin, tracking the trend of fully built games with added ownership. Web3 gaming took off with searches in China, tracking projects that mix elements of traditional gaming with added NFT. 

Interest in Web3 has been rising over time, but the immediate reason is the ongoing Lisbon meetup dedicated to secure ownership of in-game items. 


Web3 is a more flexible application of blockchain technology, allowing game projects to pick and choose which elements to include. 

Web3 Projects Seek Lower Fees

The shifts in blockchain usage are one of the factors that brings a new batch of games to the front. One of the key improvements for mass-adoption is the possibility to avoid Ethereum fees. ImmutableX is one of the projects that solves NFT mints and offers free transfers, thus making game integration more accessible. 

ImmutableX is creating its own notable ecosystem of games with NFT ownership and other Web3 perks. 


The other significant hub for Web3 games is WEMIX, the network which recently launched the WEMIX 3.0 ecosystem.


WEMIX offers enough speed to carry game transactions in real time. Additionally, this blockchain is usually chosen by already existing games, which produce a special chapter with added Web3 ownership. Those games include Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds and Nine Chronicles

Which Games Came at the Top

There is no hard and fast rule for which Web3 games are taking up the top positions. Based on blockchain data, Alien Worlds and Splinterlands mark the most active user count based on smart contract usage. 

The current list of most visited games is a mix of older games with years in development, as well as new arrivals which have a well-developed beta version but are just now adding Web3. 


Web3 games gain more users by organizing tournaments and offering competitions for larger prize pools.

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