Champion Style: Crypto Arena Opens Pre-Registration for Mobile Apps

Champion Style: Crypto Arena offers free access for its upcoming apps, with the potential to earn tokens and NFT>
  • Champion Style: Crypto Arena offers early signup for its Android and iOS upcoming apps.
  • The game uses the WEMIX ecosystem for its tokens and swaps.
  • STRICO token giveaway is now active in the coming weeks.

Champion Style: Crypto Arena is breaking out this October, with upcoming mobile apps. A pre-registration process is now open, which will offer a glimpse into the potential player base for this game. 

Champion Style: Crypto Arena is based around a Hero and a deck of cards that are applied in a PvP battle with single players. The goal is to build a powerful deck and defeat the enemies, in the style of Gods Unchained. The game promises global access right after its app launch. The pre-registration will also grant access to a special pack of cards of varied rarity, as well as a unique mystery box.

In addition to the signup, Champion Style: Crypto Arena is preparing an airdrop of free tokens. Early players can now compete for STRICO tokens, in a series of events outlined on Gleam. After the game launches, the STAR in-game asset can be swapped for STRICO. The tokens, in turn, can be swapped for WEMIX credits and exported to other cryptocurrency exchanges. The process is more involved compared to other P2E games. 

Champion Style: Crypto Arena advertises its approach as play-and-earn, where the game experience is similar to a Web2 game, but with additional items and tokens. For that reason, STAR and STRICO exchange amounts can change depending on game conditions.

All WEMIX Users Targeted

Champion Style: Crypto Arena is open to anyone with a WEMIX account. The airdrop and pre-registration also require email signup and will not be anonymous. 

WEMIX is one of the high-speed ecosystems, which will also build its own trading marketplace and DeFi liquidity. The network supports games like Idle Luca and Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, among others. With the launch of WEMIX 3.0, the platform will have higher capabilities to hold value and ensure microtransactions, NFT trading and a permanent, blockchain-based user profile. 

The WEMIX ecosystem is slightly distanced from other P2E game tokens and trading, and STRICO tokens are yet to have their value determined.

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