Champions: Ascension Prepares for Special Boss Event on June 8

Champions: Ascension is making calls to teams from all guilds and communities to try to defeat Old Sally and earn prizes.
  • Champions: Ascension is a pre-alpha game, offering opportunities for mini prizes.
  • The game will launch a new game boss to challenge teams, with no previous training period.
  • Champions: Ascension will add new types of NFT for owners of Prime Eternals.

Champions: Ascension is an arena-style battle with special bosses, offering a 3D world with dynamic gameplay. The game features an open world with unique Heroes, as well as arena challenges. 

From June 8, new characters and bosses will be brought to the arena, setting out a community challenge to defeat them. 

Champions: Ascension will shift the balance and introduce a group-driven challenge against overpowered enemies. The event will require team-led battles in a new form of multiplayer PvE. 

Teams Gathering for Special Event with Prizes

Champions: Ascension is now gathering the teams, which can come from guilds, Web3 communities or from other interested parties. Some of the communities have already claimed their participation.

The challenge will feature Old Sally, a monster living in the sewers. There will be no game preview before the event kicks off from 3PM CST on June 8. All players and teams will have to meet and study the game boss, before multiple attempts to defeat Old Sally. 

Teams must play their best to have a chance of receiving highly desirable and rare Prime Eternals NFT, as well as several $25o value prizes for outstanding performance. Five Prime Eternal NFT are also awaiting, as well as whitelisting opportunities for other upcoming events. 

The current event is one of the few to distribute the rare Prime Eternals, the limited collection of playable avatars. Prime Eternals were limited to 7,622 characters minted in 2022, and offer in-game utility. Champions: Ascension is also free to play as a starter game without owning an NFT. Before the event, the game will still hold its servers open for standard 3V3 team battles. 

Champions: Ascension is still an early stage game, though even at this stage earnings are a possibility. But in the coming months, the game plans to evolve, add land mints, airdrops, additional types of NFT, and possibly a breeding program. 

Currently, the game is setting out previews of its Messina metaverse, with mini-games and challenges and limited prizes. Players can access Drunk Racing and Dudo, a mini game of chance.

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