Chumbi Valley Partners with Rarity Tools to Display Valuable NFTs

Chumbi Valley (CHMB) native token expects to bounce from current one-month lows on rising volumes.
  • Chumbi Valley hires new team to speed up development.
  • NFT owners still await pod hatching event for Generation 1 characters.
  • CHMB token may break out from current lows.

Chumbi Valley, a game where the value and rarity of NFTs is key, has partnered with Rarity Tools to give a more clear view of its items. The game will center around its Genesis collection, which will always have advantage and rarity, as well as unique breeding characteristics.

The tool offers an overview of features and a rarity score, which can teach new players the potential value of Chumbi playable characters. The rarest Chumbi, ranked at number 1, is currently in auction for 1.25 ETH. However, the listing asking price and the rarity may not coincide perfectly, and depend on the owner’s decision. 

Generation 0 Chumbis Ranked for Rarity

Rarity Tools so far lists the initial 4,096 characters, also known as Seed Chumbis or Generation 0. Because the game is yet to set up breeding, these are the only characters hatched and ready for preview. 

Chumbi Valley held a breeding event earlier in March, but the characters have not been revealed, still waiting for the next phase – the hatching event. Currently, the Generation 1 only exists in the form of pods, which fetch a price of 0.25 ETH on OpenSea.

Chumbi Valley remains one of the games to watch in 2022, which heavily depends on the appeal of NFT collections. For that reason, the game uses regular minting or hatching events as  a marketing tool. 

CHMB Market Price Stuck

CHMB is stuck between $0.01 and $0.02, currently at a one-month low. CHMB slid to $0.0103, showing a pickup in volumes.

CHMB is not active in the game and is yet to show its value. The bullish case sees CHMB as achieving support at these low price levels and possibly rallying higher.

One of the game’s problems is the still protracted game development while hoping to keep up the price of NFTs and the native token. Chumbi has hired NonceBlox Metaverse Team to accelerate the game launch.

Initially taken up by the Vulcan Forged team, Chumbi Valley saw a bad fit for its vision and switched to another game developer. After the team switch, Chumbi Valley expects to share more game updates.

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